Image shows Emily Foster, the owner of Self-Reliant Seitan. She is a white woman with short light brown hair shown packaging seitan chickn shreds in brown paper packaging. Background is a commercial kitchen setting

Self-Reliant Seitan is a Pittsburgh local, woman-owned, queer-owned small business that started in January 2021.

Why "Self-Reliant"? To us, Self-Reliant does not mean "do everything all on your own". It means do it in community, do it locally. We want our local communities to be self-reliant and self-sufficient and food is a great place to start! We want to provide our community with a local, sustainable option for plant-based protein. 
That means decreasing dependence on the global food chain, not supporting giant corporations, and embracing food that is not overly-processed, preserved and plastic packaged. We plan on staying small, staying local and building our Self-Reliant community here in Pittsburgh!

All Self-Reliant Seitan products are made by hand in Pittsburgh, PA.